Designing and creating Databases.

  • The aim of this unit is to equip candidates with the opportunity to develop skills appropriate
    to the use of database software including multiple condition searches, sorting and indexing,
    create forms, create reports and produce hard copy.
  • describe the basic concepts of databases
  • describe the importance of file management within a database file structure.
  • design and create database structures using appropriate field names, data types, specifying additional attributes or properties of the fields wherever appropriate

Learning Outcomes.

  • copy an existing database structure
    definition for use with new data
  • save and print database structures
  • enter data into a database
  • explain the term primary key
  • describe the importance of user-friendly design principles when creating a data entry form
  • open an existing database and display the
    records and fields for editing
  • find and replace the contents of fields with
    new entries in one or more records
  • extract selected records from a database
  • Create Reports based on a database

City & Guilds Certificate.

FAS / FETAC Certificate.

Leading on to City & Guilds Diploma for IT Users.

Duration 30hrs


Costs €600
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