Designing and creating a web site using dreamweaver.

  • The aim of this unit is to equip candidates with the basic principles needed to be able to create
    and maintain a series of web pages, which collectively form what is commonly known as a
    web site.
  • describe and apply the basics of web page development
  • undertake user requirements analyses
  • use appropriate development tools to implement web pages
  • test web sites
  • use graphics software to create and manipulate images on web pages
  • publish and maintain web sites

Learning Outcomes.

  • explain the significance of the speed of the internet connection between the user’s computer and the
    internet, (different file sizes and download times)
  • explain the relative merits of different page layout styles (standard, tables, frames)
  • create templates for pages used within a web site based upon house styles
  • use anchors (bookmarks) to establish hyperlinks within a single web page
  • use meta tags to add keyword information to pages to aid search engines
  • use software to manage the development of web sites

City & Guilds Certificate.

FAS / FETAC Certificate.

Leading on to City & Guilds Diploma for IT Users.

Duration 30hrs


Costs €600
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