Training Courses

Mireva Technology provides IT, Project Management and Basic Business Training for it's clients.

We have not listed all of the courses which we can provide on this web site.

We also provide custom courses for clients and home businesses tailored to suit your needs.

Theses courses are typically refresher courses of a day or two in duration given to match a specific request.

Ideal for covering specific topics as part of a new projects or new business.

We specialise in home based courses designed for the new economy. Learn the skills to run your business or manage your finances. Harness and avail of the IT resources that surround you


Courses can be given as short refreshers or detailed modules for which accredited certificates may be awarded. Typical courses are

  • Introduction courses
    • Typically 3hrs, day or two day courses covering.
    • Basic IT
    • Basic WEB,
    • Communications
    • Start Your Own Business,
    • Money management.
  • Module Courses
    • Typically 30hrs Long
    • Certifiacte Awarded
    • May Lead to Diploma
    • IT Principles
    • Word, Excel, Access, Powerpoint, Dreamweaver.
    • Business Administration
    • Business Communications
    • Business Marketing
    • Business Customer Service
  • Diploma Courses
    • Typically 3 or 4 Modules
    • Each module of 30hrs
    • Diploma awarded
    • Users Diploma in IT (C&G)
    • Diploma in IT (FETAC)
    • Diploma in Business Studies
IT Training

We work in partnership with organisations and / or home workers to develop and deliver training solutions that lead to business growth. Our unique and friendly service that puts your people and organisation at the heart of everything we do.

Quality of Service
First and foremost we believe in developing strong relationships with our clients. Relationships that will be beneficial for both parties. Our services are flexible as we don't believe in a 'one size fits all' approach. That may mean short, evening or weekend training sessions.

Quality of Training
We will work with you to develop training programmes that meet the needs of your staff and organisation.

IT & Basic Business Courses in accredited private schools.

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